Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Do I Know I Can Reach My Customers Through Social Media



How Do I Know I Can Reach My Customers Through Social Media?

Social Media MarketingThere is a major misconception about social media that only young people are using Facebook, YouTube and other social media. However the fastest-growing demographic for Facebook users is 34 to 65-year-old women. Now it’s a safe bet at your customers are using social media to find business owners to purchase products and services from. Especially when you consider that the social network has more than 500,000,000 members that are using it.

Here’s a tip on using Facebook to get more customers for your business.

Every business has certain customers that are very social and have a lot of friends on Facebook. You could seek out these people and ask them if they would post something about your business as a promotion on their Facebook page. Now all of their friends (and they have a lot of them) will see their advertisement about your business. Now their friends will be more likely to trust your customer who posted your advertisement on Facebook, rather than if you would have posted the advertisement yourself.

Now when you consider YouTube, this particular channel has become a household name and many searchers wind up on this channel to find out about all sorts of interests that they are researching. I’ll bet you will be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t watched videos on YouTube to search for information using this channel. You tube receives more than 300,000,000 monthly visits. So again, it’s a safe bet that if you create a YouTube channel, your potential customers will find you.

Here’s a tip on using YouTube to get more customers for your business.

If you sell products or services in your business, a short simple video showing how your most popular product is used would be very helpful to give information about the product and advertise your business by posting this video on YouTube. Once people see how your product works, they will be more likely to want to buy it, and they will see how it can be useful for them.

Or if you offer a service in your business, you can video yourself performing this service as a demonstration. This could be useful for a plumber, a roofer, or other business owners that offers services. Once someone sees you performing a service on video, they tend to trust you more because they have seen you actually do the procedure that they are interested in having done for them.

Don’t worry that the prospect will want to perform the service themselves if you produce a video showing them how to do it. Usually most prospects will still want you to perform the service, even though you showed them how to do it on a video.

Today people are spending more and more time all in these social media channels because the information on them are very interesting to people. They are following their friends and family to get updates on what is happening in their lives.

Many times when a customer is very satisfied with a product or service that they have received from a business, they will want to tell others so that other people can get the same benefit that they received from this particular business. So if your business produces high quality and valuable products and services for others, when your customers tell other people about you and your business, you will be rewarded with referred customers and repeat customers.

When I talk to many business owners, they tell me that they realize they should have these social media channels established. But they don’t know how to set them up correctly or they don’t have the time to establish them for their business. And many times their employees are also too busy to put the time and to learn how to set these up or add fresh content to keep them up-to-date.

To find out how to use certain social media tools that help get your YouTube and Facebook business channels established to stay ahead of your competitors, see the details in the resource box at the bottom of this article.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Business Has A Website – Why Do I Need Another Mini Site


My Business Has A Website – Why Do I Need Another Mini Site

Internet Marketing WebsiteWhy do I need to build another website for my business if I already have one?

Another type of website, commonly known as a mini-site is a website that we recommend that is specially optimized so that the search engines will show your ads when people are searching for them. But most importantly this mini-site is designed to capture customer leads for your business. And that is what you really want!

One strategy is to link the mini site to your regular website. In this way, once you have captured the prospective customers contact information, you can then direct them to your main website to get more information about her company.

This will seem like a natural progression to acquire information by the prospective customer who is searching for information about your business.

Now once you have captured the customer’s information such as their name, e-mail, or even their cell phone, you can now contact them through these means of e-mail or text messages through their cell phone.

You can continue to send messages out to these prospects to invite them to purchase your products or services, or to give them more information about which you do so is to entice them to come back to your main website again to get more information about your business and what you have to offer to the prospect.

You can also offer news about upcoming events, tips about your area of expertise or business, or even coupons for discount deals that you may want to offer to entice the prospect to buy from you.

This whole process of keeping in touch with prospects is all about communicating with them on their terms on an automatic basis, giving them information and quantities of this information that they desire, and letting them be self-determined about choosing the time when they are ready to buy from you.

The prospect thus feels more empowered that they can participate in this buying decision, and so when they do purchase from you, they will feel more certain in their buying decision. They will also be more likely to refer your business to their friends and family because they will have remembered that you treated them as they want to be treated on their terms.

So the mini-site is the first piece of promotion that your prospect sees when they are searching for information about your business. Therefore this site needs to be created and produced by an Internet marketing expert and you will get much larger returns on your investment coming back to you in the form of more customers.

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